To provide your devices with best-in-class protection and a security shield, you must look for Norton cybersecurity software. Its comprehensive range of products has everything that a user might need for protecting their device. To take advantage of this security software, you need to go through the Norton Setup process. The process involved different steps that can be performed via the user-friendly portal “”. By following the instructions provided below, you can set up the software without any technical know-how.

Vital Requirements That you Must Fulfil Before you Begin with

To begin with the, you need to test the device compatibility with the application. Every software has required the device to fulfill the vital requirements to make the system compatible with it. Compatibility is a must for enjoying the error-free setup of the application. For Norton setup, the following are the requirements that you need to fulfill. 

Internet Connection- From download to activation, Norton setup needs high-speed internet connectivity. Hence, assure that the system is connected properly to the network and receives strong signal strengths.

Operating System- Norton program best fits all operating systems. However, you must check whether the version of your OS is compatible or not. You must proceed with the setup process only on compatible versions. 

Space- Having a sufficient space in your system is a must for Norton setup. Enough hard disk space and Ram must be there in your system.

Supported and Updated Web browser- You must ensure that you use a supported web browser for downloading and activating the Norton subscription. Along with this, your browser must also be updated with the latest version available. 

How to Setup Norton Subscription?

There are several steps that you need to consider for setting up Norton applications on your computer system. When you buy Norton subscription, you need to download and install the application as well as activate your subscription to provide your device the required security. To assist you with the, we are providing the instructions that will help you to complete the procedure quickly. 

1.) Purchase: Start off the procedure by purchasing the desired Norton Subscription. There are several products and services offered by Norton. Look at all the products and review their features. Then, pick the most suitable product that perfectly fits all your requirements. Afterwards, make the payment for your selection and complete the purchase.

2.) Activate: If you have purchased the Norton subscription, you need to activate your Norton subscription to get your hands on premium features. is the portal that is designed for easy activation. Hence, start with the visit to “” and then tap the “Enter Product Key” tab. Next, you need to sign in to your Norton account that you have created at the time of making the purchase. Once you are with the sign-in, you will get a space to type in your activation key. To complete the process, click the “Arrow” tab and your product will get activated.

3.) Download: The next step is to download the software on your device. After you are done with the activation, you will redirect to the download window. You will get the download tab, stating “Agree and Download”. On clicking the tab, the downloading of the setup file will commence. After waiting for a few minutes, you find your file downloaded on your system. 

4.) Install:The final step of the process is to install the application. To do so, you need to look for the setup file that you have downloaded. Double-click it and permit the application for making the required changes and to run the application on your device. Further, read the license agreement and hit the “Install” tab. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the application will take a time of a few minutes to get installed. Once it gets installed, you can launch it and start using it to provide your device with the desired protection.