Error- “The install file cannot be properly validated…” when installing Norton Utilities 16.0

Norton utilities 16.0

Step 1.  Delete Temporary Files 

For Windows

It is a possibility that you will get a pop-up message when when installing Norton Utilities 16.0. This message reads that the information stored in this error is stored in the temp folder. However, when you locate and open that “.dmp” file it fails to download. That’s why you have to clear out the entries that are present in the temp folder. Generally, users get a solution to their issue by deleting the entries present in the temp folder. 

  • Firstly, click on the “Start” or “Windows” icon.
  • After that, type “Run” in the search box and press the enter key.
  • Subsequently, type “temp” in the respective field and then click on the “Ok” tab.
  • As a result, it will open the temp folder on your screen.
  • Next, you need to select all the entries that you want to delete from the temp folder. Ensure that you have selected all the entries. After this, press the delete key from the keyboard. 
  • Once again launch “Run” by following the above-mentioned steps. 
  • Now, type in “%temp%” in the space provided and hit the enter key from your keyboard.
  • As a result, this opens the temp folder for your user account. Here, you are required to select all the items. 
  • Next, press the enter key to eradicate all the items of the folder. 
  • After clearing all the entries from the folder, restart your computer.  

For Mac 

  • First of all, locate the Finder icon in the Mac menu bar.
  • To pull down the Go menu, hold the Shift key or press the Option/ Alt key. 
  • Thereafter, choose “Library” from the Go menu options.
  • Next, in the Library folder, locate and click on the “Caches” folder. 
  • Then, select which caches and temporary files you want to clear. For that, you can selectively choose specific app caches and temporary files to clean. Otherwise, select all the files and place those cache items into the Trash to clear those cache files to solve the error while installing Norton Utilities 16.0


Step 2. Download The Latest Version Of  Norton Utilities 16.0 

  • First of all, open your preferred web browser. 
  • Thereafter, type in “” in your browser’s address bar. Then, press the enter key from your keyboard.
  • If you have not login to your account, then login to your Norton account. On the homepage of Norton, look at the top right corner of the window for “Sign In”. Then, hover your mouse and click on the “Sign In” under the “Sign In” section. Enter the login credentials and then click on the “Sign In” button.
  • If you don’t have an account then firstly create a Norton account. For this, visit the official website of Norton. On the homepage of Norton, click on the “Sign In” under the “Sign In” section. Here, click on the “create account” tab and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Now, in the Get Started Page, you should click on the enter a new product key. Here, you need to enter the 25 digit product key in the respective field. 
  • If you have purchased the product online, you will get the product key on the confirmation email you get at the time of purchase. 
  • On the other hand, if you have purchased the product offline, you will get the product key at the back of the retail card. 
  • Before proceeding further, it is recommended to review the Terms and Conditions carefully. If you “Agree” to the terms and conditions, click on the “Agree” option. 
  • Then, in the Get Started page, read the terms for automatically renewing subscriptions. Click on the “Agree and Continue” tab.
  • Next, on the Payment Method Mode page, you need to provide your billing address and credit card details. Click on the “Agree and Install” tab from the bottom of the page.
  • Thereafter, verify your payment method and click on Turn On Automatic Renewal.
  • Now, in the enrollment confirmation screen, you should click on the “Continue” option.
  • Consequently, click on the “Agree and Download” button. If you have more than one Norton product in your account, choose the product that you want to download. Click on the “Next” tab. 

Step 3. Run Windows Update 

  • Firstly, press the Windows and R key altogether from your keyboard.
  • As a result, it will open the run dialogue box.
  • After that, type “wuapp” in the space provided. Then, press the enter key from your keyboard.
  • Next, if the User Account Control dialogue box appears, click on the “Continue” tab. 
  • Now, on the left side of the panel, you should click on “Check for Updates”.
  • Thereafter, follow the on-screen prompts to proceed further. 

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